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Friday, August 2nd, CJPNA along with a group of other neighborhood associations, will be hosting a pool party at Hoyt Park Pool from 6:30 - 8:30 PM.  This two hour neighborhood association event is for you and your family and you may bring your own food and drink (alcohol is allowed and plastic cups are required). 

This is a CJPNA member event for only $5 per household! If you are not a member it will be $15 ($5 for the event, $10 for membership) per household and you can reap the benefits of being a member for the rest of 2019!

What are those benefits?

  • TGIF's

  • The Family Pool Party

  • Receive the Fall/Winter Newsletter

  • Oktoberfest on 10/5

  • Trick or Treat on Halloween (perhaps a party!)

In October we will send out renewals so remember to renew or join for the 2020 year:

  • Receive the Spring/Summer Newsletter and Fall/Winter Newsletter

  • Chili Cook-off in February/March

  • Easter Egg Hunt in March/April

  • 2 scholarships for local high school grads

  • Brewers outings

  • March in the Independence Day Parade

  • Holiday Party

  • and more!

RSVP by emailing Steve Flewellen, after emailing your RSVP, drop off a check made out to CJPNA for $5 at La Tarte. If you need to sign up for a membership click here.

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